Welcome to ACCORD, your source for information on primary care in rare diseases

Approximately 1 in every 10 Americans has a rare disease, yet many health care professionals (HCPs) lack confidence to treat primary care–related issues in their patients with rare diseases.1,2

The Association for Comprehensive Care in Rare Diseases—or ACCORD—is a new ally in the rare disease community that focuses specifically on improving the quality of primary care for people living with rare diseases, by:

  • Championing clinical and administrative best practices for managing these conditions
  • Facilitating dialogue between primary care and specialty care providers
  • Equipping providers with tools and resources to address patients’ unmet needs

ACCORD is committed to enhancing primary care for patients with rare diseases.

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1. Williams GS. Rare diseases are not so rare in neurology. Neurology Reviews. 2014;22(7):1, 18.
2. ACCORD. Global Academy for Medical Education, Health and Wellness Education Partners. Rare disease management survey. Ramsey, NJ; 2015.